Diesel Watch

Diesel Wrist Watch was our first attempt at X-raying a piece, which presented itself as a beautiful object to photograph. We were curious to see what we would find inside of a modern designer wrist watch. Our expectations were high, we were excited to see the intricacy of the inner workings. The result of the X-ray image left us less enthusiastic, since it did not show much detail, no gears, no intricate details. Such a result made sense though, because it is a designer watch, consisting of digital technology inside, on an analog face. This experiment didn't discourage us, it made us more excited about the new discoveries that will be made.

X-Ray Photography is a collaboration project by Ehsan Mahdizadeh and Silvija Crnjak.  We have combined the digital technology of the computer, camera and x-ray to be able to see the unseen.  We have implemented a new approach to photography. By thinking outside the box, we can now see inside of it. It is our pleasure to introduce everyone to this unique way of creating multi-dimensional images.  

All images are copyrighted and all rights reserved by Silvija Crnjak and Ehsan Mahdizadeh