The Jeans image is a concept with an idea of telling a story by creating a portrait of a young man. With this project, we diversified the options and possibilities of x-ray photography by making a statement with humour within a single image for the world of advertising. Creating this image was our most elaborate project this far, which required a complicated set-up and multiple x-rays.




X-Ray Photography is a collaboration project by Ehsan Mahdizadeh and Silvija Crnjak.  We have combined the digital technology of the computer, camera and x-ray to be able to see the unseen.  We have implemented a new approach to photography. By thinking outside the box, we can now see inside of it. It is our pleasure to introduce everyone to this unique way of creating multi-dimensional images.  

All images are copyrighted and all rights reserved by Silvija Crnjak and Ehsan Mahdizadeh